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Surveying Services and Naval Architecture

Pre Purchase Survey and Insurance Survey

Each of these is a comprehensive inspection conducted when buying a new or used vessel or when submitting an evaluation of the vessel to an insurance company where the condition and operation of the overall vessel is examined. It includes a review of structure, mechanical and electrical systems, navigation and safety equipment as well as cosmetic and general design details. It is usually conducted out of water and can include a sea trial.

Main Areas Covered by The Survey

  • Identification of Vessel
  • External Hull (above and below waterline) and Hull Structure
  • Internal Structure, Shell, transverse and longitudinal Stiffening
  • Deck Structure. Coach Roof and Cockpits
  • Deck condition and strength. Humidity and De-lamination
  • Internal Fit Out and Joinery
  • Underwater Sections
  • Moisture Reference Readings
  • Keel, Ballast & Keel attachment
  • Stern Gear & Stern Gland - Sail Drive - Stern Drive - Shafting and support
  • Rudder and Steering System
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Shell Fittings and Sea Valves
  • Hull to Deck Joint
  • Deck Fittings, Ventilation, Handrails & Stanchions
  • Ground Tackle. Anchoring and Mooring Arrangements. Windlass
  • Hatches, Windows and Port Lights
  • Mast Support and Chain Plates
  • Navigation Systems and Instrumentation
  • Mast, Spars & Rigging
  • Sail
  • Engine & Machinery Installation
  • Exhaust System
  • Fuel Tank and Fuel System, Installation
  • Bilge and Pumping Systems
  • Toilet and Black water System Installation
  • Fresh Water Tank and FW System Installation
  • Propane, LPG System Installation
  • Ventilation
  • DC Electrical System Installation - Batteries, Over-current Protection, Panels and Distribution
  • DC Electrical System charging and power generation
  • AC Electrical System Entry, Panel and Over-current protection
  • Cabin Finishing and Arrangement
  • Galley Equipment and Arrangement
  • Safety Equipment
  • Fire Safety Equipment
  • Overall Comment and Condition Summary ( I, II, III)
  • Statement of Valuation - Finance/Insurance Survey only

Other Services

Sea Trial

More common in the pre purchase survey of high value motor yachts, we can conduct a full sea trial of the vessel with testing of engines up to WOT and all other shipboard equipment and systems. Sea trials are charged on an hourly basis.

Appraisal Inspection

This inspection is performed to determine the fair market value of a vessel for financing and estate settlement purposes.

Damage Inspection

This inspection is performed in order to evaluate the extent of the damage and the probable cause. It may include recommended repairs as well as an estimate of repair costs.

Steel and Aluminum Hull Survey

Using Non Destructive Testing Methods we can measure material thickness throughout the hull both on painted and corroded surfaces. The material thickness report can be updated on a regular basis to track the deterioration or corrosion of the vessel. In some circumstances, measurements can be taken of FRP or GRP hulls and an evaluation made of consistency. At Berger Marine, we use the latest in Ultrasonis Gauge instruments with A and B scan measurement.

Construction and Renovation Management

Working as an engineering consultant for the owner or owner's representative, we are the intermediary with the boat yard to ensure that work is completed to specifications. We also ensure the quality control of the project alongside that of the yard.

Naval Architecture Services

We also provide Design services, Stability Calculations, Small Vessel Compliance Program with Transport Canada and construction management services for your marine construction projects.